This list is not all-inclusive. There may be many other ministries and resources of which we are not aware. As we come across more godly resources, we will be sure to update the list.

Also, please take note that every ministry and resource listed will contain errors or views that we do not completely agree with since every Christian is imperfect. We have tried to only list those to whom we would most closely line up with in doctrine, practice, and holiness.

Christian Music

Alberico’s Music CD’s

Faith Music Missions

Baptist College Of Ministry

Christian colleges

Ambassador Baptist College

Baptist College Of Ministry 

Commonwealth Baptist College 

Hyles-Anderson Baptist College

Golden State Baptist College

Christian board games

To Bethlehem

Apples to Apples Bible Edition (toys and games)

Church Search

Independent Baptist Church Locator

Ministries on the home 

Christian Periodicals & Books

The Sword of the Lord

Revival Fires

Titus2 (Managers of Their Home and Chores)

Christian Activities

Creation Museum

Noah’s Ark Encounter

Sight & Sound

Homeschool Helps

HSLDA (Legal Assistance & Homeschool laws for each state) (website from HSLDA for homeschool advice, assistance, guides, peer support, etc…)

Addiction Programs

Reformers Unanimous Recovery Ministries

Reformers Unanimous Residential Recovery Program

Modest Apparel

The Klassy Girl Boutique

Internet Accountability/Protection

Covenant Eyes


Conservative newsletters sent to your email


Conservative Youtube Channels

Alternative Search Engine

Alternative Social Media

Conservative/Christian Perspective on Science

Answers in Genesis (signup for daily Creation Moments or paid subscription to Answers.TV)

CFACT (email newsletter subscription at Climate Depot and they also have a Youtube Channel)

Lawyers for Christians, Churches, and Ministries

National Center for Life and Liberty

Christian Law Association

Liberty Counsel

HSLDA (homeschool legal assistance)