Many desire to only spend their hard-earned money on brands that support conservative, Christian, moral views.  Our Resources page seeks to help you do just that by listing alternatives to liberal organizations and continually updating which stores, ministries, corporations, institutions, and brands are diligently working to strengthen America, not erode and destroy her freedoms.

This list is not all-inclusive. There may be many other values-centered resources of which we are not aware. As we come across more Christian or Conservative resources, we will be sure to update the list.

Also, please take note that every resource listed will contain errors or views that we do not completely agree with since every Christian is imperfect. We have tried to only list those to whom we would more closely line up with concerning Conservative or Christian views as opposed to liberal institutions.

Please click on any section below to be taken to the appropriate page.

Addiction Programs that are Bible based

Cellular Phones and Plans

Christian Colleges

Christian Music

Christian Websites for Women

Church Search Tools

Conservative Newsletters and Websites

Conservative TV, Cable, Youtube, Online News Channels

Correspondence College Courses that are Bible based

Crowdfunding/Fundraising Sites (GoFundMe is liberal and regularly censors/closes down Conservative/Christian causes.)

Directories of Companies with Christian/Conservative Values (Do your purchases support liberal/wicked causes or Conservative/Christian causes?)

Email Services (Replacements for liberal Gmail and Yahoo.)

Email Marketing Tools (Mailchimp has, at times, blocked/censored certain Conservative/Christian emails.)

Family Activities

Family and Kid Games

Family Entertainment

Fast food and Restaurants

Homeschool Helps

Independent Baptist Periodicals & Books

Independent Baptist Publishers (Bibles, books, tracts, calendars, etc…)

Internet Accountability/Protection

Legal Assistance for Christians, Churches, and Ministries

Media Guides, Ratings and Reviews (TV, movies, apps, video games, books, magazines, etc…)

Ministries on the Home

Online Stores with Conservative/Christian Values

Operating Systems (OS alternatives for pc or mobile operating systems instead of Apple, Google, or Microsoft)

Payment Platforms (alternatives to liberal Paypal)

Prayer Guides for Government Officials

Science from Christian/Conservative perspectives

Search Engines (Replacements for liberal and invasive Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc….)

Social Media (Replacements for liberal Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Tiktok.)

Vaccine Guides (from an ethical, moral perspective)

Video Sharing Websites (Replacements for liberal Youtube.)

Voter Guides

Web Browsers

Web Design, Web Hosting, etc…