This list is not all-inclusive. There may be many other ministries and resources of which we are not aware. As we come across more Christian or Conservative resources, we will be sure to update the list.

Also, please take note that every ministry and resource listed will contain errors or views that we do not completely agree with since every Christian is imperfect. We have tried to only list those to whom we would most closely line up with concerning Conservative or Christian views.

Christian Music

Alberico’s Music CD’s

Faith Music Missions

Baptist College Of Ministry

Ministries on the home 

Trustworthy Christian Publishers (Bibles, books, tracts, calendars, etc…)

Local Church Bible Publishers (Ministry of Parker Memorial Baptist Church in Lansing, MI)

Bearing Precious Seed (based out of First Baptist Church of Milford, OH)

Calvary Publishing

Mercy and Truth Ministries (tracts, daily devotionals; based out of Heritage Baptist Church in Lawrence, KS)

Christian Web Design, Web Hosting, etc…

Baptist Web Design (includes Web hosting, domain name, etc…; by Calvary Publishing)

Baptist Website

Internet Accountability/Protection

Covenant Eyes


Alternative Search Engine (Replacement for liberal and invasive Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…)



SwissCows (Search results purposely do not include pornographic content.)


Search Encrypt

Dissenter (From the Gab community)



Our Freedom Search (Freedom Media Group)

Alternative Email (Replacements for liberal Gmail, Yahoo, and, in particular, Mailchimp which  blocks/censors emails)

ProtonMail (one Proton account can access both the VPN and ProtonMail)




Alternative Email Marketing Tools (Mailchimp sometimes blocks/censors certain Conservative/Christian emails they disagee with)


Constant Contact

Alternative Social Media (Replacements for liberal Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tiktok)

Parlor (Alternative to Twitter)

Gab (Community alternative to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc…)


Signal (Encrypted Text Messaging – prevents BigTech/Big Gov tracking or selling of private information)






Diaspora (alternative to Twitter)

Ello (Alternative to Pinterest)

Our Freedom Book (Alternative to Facebook by the Freedom Media Group)

Our Freedom Bits (Alternative to Twitter also by the Freedom Media Group)

NikNak (Alternative to Tiktok also by the Freedom Media Group)

Alternative to GoFundMe (which is liberal and regularly censors/closes down Conservative/Christian causes)

GiveSendGo (Christian Fundraising Site)

Our Freedom Funding (Freedom Media Group)

Lifefunder (“Crowdfunding for Life, Families, and a Christian culture”)

Values-Centered Media Guides, Ratings and Reviews (TV, movies, apps, video games, book, magazines, etc…)

Plugged In

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment


MovieGuide: The Family Guide To Movies and Entertainment

Christ Centered Gamer (Video game reviews)

Christian Entertainment


Crossflix (A Christian education series for kids, Torchlighters, which is similar to the popular Christian kids education series Lamplighters, can be viewed here along with many other Christian films.)

Pure Flix

Conservative/Christian Perspective on Science

Answers in Genesis (signup for daily Creation Moments at or paid subscription to Answers.TV)

CFACT (email newsletter subscription at Climate Depot and they also have a Youtube Channel)

Help Choosing Companies with Conservative Values (Do your purchases support liberal/wicked causes or conservative/Christian causes?)

Alternative Cellular Plans

Patriot Mobile (Describes itself as “America’s only Christian Conservative Wireless Service Provider”) 

Gabb Wireless (“Safe Phone for Kids” – No internet, No games, No social media)