Web Browsers

Beaker Browser (“An experimental peer-to-peer Web browser.”)

Brave (I highly recommend this browser.  Brave utilizes a rare browser feature that prevents “bounce tracking.”  They also employ a new feature called De-AMP that allows users a browsing experience free of Google’s controversial AMP technology.)

Bromite (only available for Android Lollipop v5.0, API level 21 and above; Bromite is a fork/modified copy of web browser Chrome.)


Epic Privacy Browser


Mullvad (Offers both Browser and VPN)


Pale Moon




Ulaa (A privacy-focused, free web browser launched by the Zoho Corporation.; “Protects you from privacy abuse and high-risk cybersecurity risks.” Ulaa has 5 specialized browser modes. Zoho also offers email services, a notepad alternative, and word processor.)

Vivaldi (now includes email service, calendars, feed readers, and a language translator)