About Us

Fundamental Families is a ministry of Evangelist and Mrs. Ron Alberico. Ron was saved at the age of 14 at a Family Bible Camp meeting. Amy was saved as a young girl in Bridgeport, MI. Ron and Amy went to Ambassador Baptist College where Amy graduated with a Music degree. Ron furthered his education at Southern Indiana Baptist College where he received his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate.

Fundamental Families was started to help families grow both in the nurture of the Bible and through their local church. We have applied “fundamental” to “families” because:

  • Strong families are fundamental to any nation. When the family unit deteriorates, so does its nation.

  • Strong families are fundamental to any church.

  • A Bible believing/preaching church in turn is fundamental to every family. Since we strongly believe this, our home and our ministry are based out of a Bible believing, Baptist church.

  • God, His Holy Scriptures, and salvation through Jesus Christ alone are fundamental to every family.

When all of these parts are working in harmony with each other, you have revival, which ultimately is the calling that God has placed upon Evangelist Ron Alberico. If you are ever interested in having Evangelist Ron Alberico minister to your church, please let us know. May this website encourage and improve your home to the glory of God.