Welcome to our site on the home! Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to “add to your faith” (II Pt. 1:5) about the Christian life and the Christian home. You will quickly notice that our website and its articles are simple, short, and scriptural. God declares in Isaiah 28:10, “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.” Our articles are written to build on each other to follow this Biblical exhortation. We trust you will find them sound and helpful. May God bless your home!

New for 2020:

January 2 articles: “Ye Which Are Spiritual” for “Grace Notes” series and “Media Counselors” for “Multitude of Counsellors” series

February 2 articles: “Falling From Grace” for “Grace Notes” series and “The Pastor of a Godly Home” for “Multitude of Counsellors” series and added a link to our New! CD “Fundamental Gospel”

March – 2 articles: “Don’t Assist God” for “Grace Notes” series and “Counselors Might Not Agree With Each Other” for “Multitude of Counsellors” series and added a New! Independent, Baptist Church Search website in “Resources”

April – 11 articles for 2 series: “Definition of Gospel”, “Religion and the Gospel”, and “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” for the “Gospel” series and “The Problem of Sin”, “The Penalty of Sin”, “The Payment for Sin”, “The Power over Sin”, “The Prophecies of the Savior”, “The Prayer of Salvation”, “Saved Forever”, and “What to do After You Pray to be Saved” for the “Gospel of Salvation” series and added a New! Homeschool Helps link “Mompossible.org” in “Resources”

May – 8 articles for “You Need to Go to Church” series: “Assembling Ourselves Together”, “Ekklesia”, “The Hebrews Behind Hebrews 10:25”, “Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together”, “Exhortation and Provocation”, “Church and the Government”, “What If You Are Sick, Incapacitated, etc…?”, and “Quarantine and Church Attendance”

June – 8 articles for two series: “A Man After God’s Own Heart”, “Right in Your Own Eyes”, “Right in the Eyes of the Lord”, “Science Falsely So-Called”, and “God’s Longing and Searching” for “According to Thy Word” series and “Was the Pharisees’ Leaven Legalism?”, “Was the Pharisees’ Leaven Separation?”, and “Was the Pharisees’ Leaven Hypocrisy?” for “The Leaven of the Pharisees” series

July – 7 articles for “Health Matters” series: “Medical Face Masks”, “Social Distancing”, “Modern Vaccinations”, “Mandatory Medical Procedures”, “Hygiene, Cleanliness, Sanitization”, “Balance in Seeking Care”, and “Declaring Current Disease State”

AugustNew “Triangle Offense” Challenge and 2 New! articles: “According to Thy Word” for “According to Thy Word” series and “Our Hymns Did Not Come From Bars” for “Hymns Attacked/Defended” series and many Christian/Conservative news sources added to the “Resources” page

September – Many more sources added to “Resources” page including more Conservative/Christian news as well as 2ndVote which rates the companies we purchase products from on how they give /support/endorse liberal or conservative causes.  We must make sure our money buys products from companies that support conservative/Christian causes not liberal/wicked causes that attack Christians and destroy America.

October – 2 New! articles: “Least Commandments” for “According to Thy Word” series and “Giving Life and Comfort” for the New! “Learning to Stand” series