Welcome to our site on the home! Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to “add to your faith” (II Pt. 1:5) about the Christian life and the Christian home. You will quickly notice that our website and its articles are simple, short, and scriptural. God declares in Isaiah 28:10, “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little.” Our articles are written to build on each other to follow this Biblical exhortation. We trust you will find them sound and helpful. May God bless your home!

New! for 2021:

Are you living The Triangle Offense Challenge?

January – Our Fundamental Grace CDResources including Crossflix (Christian films) and GabTV (Youtube alternative); and 2 articles: “If Not Now, Then When?” for “Learning to Stand” series and “His Name Shall Be Called… Counsellor” for “Multitude of Counsellors” series

February – 2 articles: “Just a Pea Patch” for “Learning to Stand” series and “My Counsellors” for “Multitude of Counsellors” series; also added more Resources including Christian Publishers and Web Design/Hosting

March – 2 articles: “Too Strict” for “They Say” series and “Practice” for “Learning to Stand” series; also added more Resources including more Media Reviews like Christ Centered Gamer for video games and Plugged In, and Dove, and Christian Spotlight on Entertainment for movies and shows

April – Many Resources added!  Here is a glimpse: another Church Search tool; alternative cellular plans, Patriot Mobile and Gabb Wireless (safe phone for kids); more Conservative Newsletters, Dan Bongino and The Patriot Project; more alternative crowdfunding sites, Lifefunder and Our Freedom Funding; more Youtube alternatives; a new Alternative Email Marketing Tools (Mailchimp alternative) section, MyEmma and Constant Contact; many more alternatives to Social Media for Twitter (Our Freedom Bits), Facebook (Our Freedom Book), Tiktok (NikNak).  Check out the complete Resources page for much more!

May – 2 articles: “Climate Change” for New! “Political Issues” series and “The Serpent’s Lie to Parents” in the Parenting section; also added many more Resources including many more Social Media App alternatives like Christian Mike Lindell’s New! Frank; more Youtube alternatives; more Search Engine alternatives; and a new “Online Stores with Conservative Values” section including My Pillow and My Store started by Christian Mike Lindell

June – 2 New! articles: “Love Your Neighbor” for “They Say” series and “False Counsellors” for “Multitude of Counsellors” series; also added many more Resources including a New! Christian publisher, On To Victory Press; 4 more Search Engine alternatives; a Prayer Guide for our government officials; 3 more Discord alternatives;  and Vaccine Guides for choosing ethically and biblically

July – 2 New! articles: “One Day” for “According to Thy Word” series and “They Waited Not For His Counsel” for “Multitude of Counsellors” series; also added many more Resources including an Alternative Payment Platform, AlignPay, launched by conservatives such as Dan Bongino; a new Search Engine by the creators of the web browser Brave; a new email service and language translator by web browser Vivaldi; a Christian publisher, Melody Publications, that sells an excellent hymnbook we use that contains 980 of the old hymns (!); and finally a new social media app created by Team Trump, GETTR

August – 2 New! articles: “Medical Face Masks – Pt. 2” and “Medical Face Masks – Pt. 3” for the “Mandatory Face Coverings” series found in the “Health Matters” series; also added many, many more Resources for old sections like Baptist Colleges (Landmark Baptist College), Christian publishers (Challenge Press), social media (Tubeshift, Panquake, Spreely, and CaucusRoom), conservative news (GB News in the UK, Real America’s Voice, Liberty Airwaves, Sky News in Australia, and RebelNews in Canada), alternative email (Startmail), ethical vaccine guides (PJI), funding sites (GoGetFunding) and online stores with conservative values (Char-Broil, Pistol Pete’s Jerky, and Hobby Lobby); as well as many more New! sections including PureOS and LineageOS for “Alternative OS”, Freedom Phone for “Conservative Cell Phones”, Wendy’s and Chick-fil-a for “Restaurants with Conservative/Christian Values”, LVBBI and Revival Fires Baptist College for “Christian Correspondence College Courses”, and Grace and Honor in “Christian Websites for Women”

September – 2 New! articles: “The Word of Their Testimony” for “Overcoming Satan” series and “Tories, Patriots, and Romans 13” for “Political Issues” series; overhauled and streamlined Resources page

October – Prolonged illness is hindering further work on the website this month.