Video Sharing Websites


altCensored (Videos banned or censored on Youtube like those that questioned masks, mandatory lockdowns, etc….)

Banned.Video (also links as




Brighteon (also social media app

GabTV (from the Gab community)

HookTube (You can also watch any Youtube video on their site by replacing the domain in any Youtube video with

Invidious (“An open source alternative front-end to Youtube.”)

NewPipe (Watch Youtube videos “on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.”)


Odysee (Odysee also has an app that you can attach to your browser that automatically redirects you to Odysee from Youtube when the same video is available on Odysee, and the app also allows you to import all of your subscriptions from Youtube to Odysee. There is a Chrome extension which Brave also uses; there is a Firefox extension, and they now also have a Google Play Store app.)

Our Freedom Tube (Our Freedom Media Group)



Rumble (has merged with Locals)

Spreely Video

Tubeshift (This app, which attaches to your browser, does 2 important things. First, it informs you of alternative places to watch the exact same video you are watching in Youtube. Second, this app finds alternative places to watch censored Youtube videos like conservative videos.)


Yout (Yout is a “front-end” for stream ripping or recording audio and video files of media streamed on the internet. They say of their service, “Simple, just search for something in the search bar, click your video, and then record it as a Mp3 (Audio), you can toggle to Mp4 (Video), or Gif (Image) if you want those instead. You may also delete the “ube” out of the YouTube URL’s to record it. Or, if you want to be old school, paste a link in the search bar.”)

Youtube-dl downloads (able to download Youtube videos and a lot of other sites)