Security, Privacy, and Protection

America First Cyber LLC (Cloud and web security for online businesses)

AnonAddy (free, open-source anonymous email forwarding service)

Bitwarden (also integrates with email forwarding services: AnonAddy, Firefox Relay, and SimpleLogin.)

Canopy (for mobile devices)


Cover Your Tracks (by EFF – Electronic Frontier Foundation; “Test your browser to see how well you are protected from tracking and fingerprinting.”)

DomiDocs Homeowner Enablement Platform (This site includes protections for home title theft and property fraud, Homelock, and an appraisal tool, True Value Index.)

Firefox Relay (masks your true email address from public view)

G4 Direct (security systems; veteran-owned)

Home Title Lock

inAppBrowser (“Check if an in-app browser is injecting JavaScript code.” For instance, when opening any website in China-owned TikTok ‘s app, TikTok injects tracking code that monitors all keystrokes, all passwords, and all taps.)


Privacy4Cars (Vehicle Privacy Report shows if your car might be tracking you and/or selling your data; Delete Data from a Car helps you delete personal data before you sell a car or after using a temporary vehicle; They also have Identity Theft Protection Program and Assert Your Rights.)

SimpleLogin (email aliases; powered by Proton who also have Proton PassProtonmailProtonmail BridgeProtonVPNProton Drive, and Proton Calendar.)

SimpliSafe (wireless home security systems)