Cellular Phones and Plans

Above Phone

Charity Mobile (requires credit score; “Charity Mobile sends 5% of your monthly plan price to the Pro-Life, Pro-Family charity of your choice! Together with our loyal customers, we have sent nearly $2 million dollars to charities so far.”)

ClearCellular (They have their own app marketplaceTheir plans are found here. Their phones are found here.)

ClearUnited (From the ClearCellular company; wifi calling)

esolutions.shop (Buy “deGoogled” smartphones that run on /e/ OS.)

Freedom Phone

Freedom Voice

Gabb Wireless (“Safe Phone for Kids” – No internet, No games, No social media)

Patriot Mobile (an excellent Christian/Conservative wireless service; They also offer Patriot Mobile Faith, and have teamed up with America’s Pharmacy Source and its online club, My Free Pharmacy. )


Purism (Their Libre 5 cellphone’s electronics are made in the USA and its assembly is also in the USA.  The Libre 5 runs on privacy-based PureOS instead of Google or Apple.)

Satellite Phone Store

Tello Mobile