Ascent Nutrition

The Bees’ Waxy Knees (candles and lip balm)

Bizi Vitamin Honey

BrickHouse Nutrition

Elite Fuel (natural performance supplements)

Genesis (air disinfecting machine)

Isaiah’s Garden

Kids Wellness

Kylea Health (superfood smoothies)


Origin (molk protein, energy drinks, supplements; They also provide jeans, wallets, boots; also fitness, rashguards, and jiu-jitsu gis)

Nature’s Uncut

North Port Acupuncture (supplements)


NutraMedix (Every year they “donate a minimum of 50%” of their “profits to further God’s Kingdom. Whether it is feeding the hungry, rescuing orphans, supporting widows, or equipping pastors…in Jesus’ name.”)

Patriot Health Alliance

Peace River Apothecary

Permobil formerly Comfort Company (wheelchair back support and cushion specialists; This company was started by the same people who started Day 6 Bicycles.)

Prepper Nutrients

Redemption Nutrition (Christian family owned and operated business)

Rowe Casa Organics

Sacred Eats 

SunnyPastures (natural balms, salves, and tinctures)

Tracy’s Blessed Oils

Wardee (Instruction on skin care, hair care, balance female hormones, etc…)

Young Living Essential Oils