Social Media

Amethyst (for Android phones; here is a download link through F-Droid)



Briar (secure messaging)



Cwtch (“decentralized, surveillance resistant infrastructure”)

D.Buzz (from the Hive community; also streaming app

Damus (“The social network you control”; for iphones)

Delta Chat (decentralized secure messenger)

Diaspora (alternative to Twitter)

Element (WhatsApp and Discord alternative that allows you to connect Element with other team chat apps like Discord, Telegram, Internet Relay Chat, and Slack; A free, open-source software built on the Matrix protocol that offers end-to-end encrypted messaging with unlimited voice and video as well as new end-to-end encryption location sharing.)

Ello (Alternative to Pinterest)


Frank (startup of Christian Mike Lindell of My Pillow/My Store; Incredible site where porn is not allowed nor certain cuss words nor taking God’s name in vain.)

Freedom Chat

Gab (Community alternative to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Discord, etc…; also offers encrypted text messaging Gab Chat)

Gab Clips (by the Gab community)

GETTR (It was created by Team Trump.  It is the fastest growing social media platform in history receiving more than 1 million users in less than 3 days after launch.  GETTR now has nearly 3 million users.)

Hive (Hive has a huge  continually growing Web3 ecosystem of games, NFTs, Peakd, and

Jami (encrypted messaging app that supports text, voice, and video calls)

Librem One (This “is a growing bundle of ethical services. The complete bundle includes Librem Mail, Librem Chat, Librem Social, and Librem Tunnel. This is provided by Purism using the Pure OS.)

Locals (They also have LocalsTV in its beta stage.)

Mastodon (Here is a link to their Apple Store app and to their Google Play Store app.)

Matrix (“An open network for secure, decentralized communication”)


Minds (also offers Minds Chat)

Mumble (Discord alternative)

MxM – Minute By Minute News (an aggregation app that curates news; Here is a link for the Apple Store app.)

Niknak (Tiktok alternative; by Our Freedom Media Group)

Nostr (decentralized social media)

Our Freedom Bits (Twitter alternative by Our Freedom Media Group)

Our Freedom Book (Alternative to Facebook by Our Freedom Media Group)

Our Freedom Gram (Alternative to Instagram by Our Freedom Media Group; Here is the link to their Google Play app, and here is the link to their Apple app.)



Peakd (from the Hive community)



Retalk (“The new discussion forum, blogging platform, social network.”; “We’re fed up with being banned for right/conservative views on social media. So we created Retalk.”)

Retroshare (Discord alternative)

Rocket Tech Jabber (open-source instant messaging; Christian, conservative company)


Session (private messenger)


SimpleX Chat (“private and secure messenger without any user IDs”)

Slack (alternative to Microsoft Teams)


Spreely (Facebook alternative)

TeamSpeak (Discord alternative)

Telegram (Free, no ads, alternative to WhatsApp and Discord; In countries with strict governments, Telegram has become a safe haven of free speech for private group chats and video channels.)

Theta Network


TRUTH Social (This is a new startup by President Trump’s “Trump Media and Technology Group.”  Here is a link to their Apple Store app.)



Wire (messenger, video, and chat app)