Subject: "The White Paper of Music"

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“Greetings from _______________.

In a Google search, I “discovered” your 3 page “paper” titled: Music In The Home: “Cleaning Up” CCM and Southern Gospel

I’m very interested to learn how to discern what is “godly music” and “proper hymn playing”.

Would it be correct in your view that the so-called “evangelistic/revival style” (also known as “stride”) is NOT proper?

If so, what makes it improper?

Thank you for the opportunity to communicate.”


Thank you for your sincere desire to seek God-honoring music. Please forgive me for being unable to engage in a long phone discussion. My debilitating brain/nerve damage prevents me from taking on additional responsibilities like a normal, healthy person would.

The short answer is that the octave-chord left-hand pattern known as stride can certainly be used in a correct way, with the first beat/down-beat of a measure being properly emphasized by the octave. But, like any other tool, it could also be misused. The article you read was in the middle of a series on Music under Keys To the Home at our website. It might give you a clearer understanding of my position to read the rest of those articles in sequence beginning with how God is musical and Satan is also musical. I pray God leads you in a direction that pleases Him as you seek His will.

Evangelist Ron Alberico