Bible Study Tools

Bible Hub (features Greek, and Hebrew concordances, lexicons, commentaries, and interlinear reading as well as the ability to search “any combination of book, abbreviation, chapter, verse, or keyword.”) (They offer the works of the historian Josephus as well as dictionaries, concordances, lexicons, etc…)

The King’s Bible (offers  an online King’s James Bible; “Strong’s Numbers”/”Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible”; Bible dictionary; Bible atlas; and an advanced Bible search tool)

The King James Scriptures read by Pastor J.C. Wappelhorst (Lighthouse Baptist Church of Alpena, MI)

KJV Bible with Strong’s on Google Play Store

Lexicon-Concordance Online Bible

Preserving Our Baptist History (by Preacher Bill Delpergange)

Strong’s Concordance on Apple app store

Strong’s Concordance with KJV on Apple app store and on Google Play store

Strong’s Concordance Bible KJV on Google Play Store 

Strong’s Concordance with KJV on Google Play Store app

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary (a great dictionary for understanding the words of the King James Bible)