Training Individuals

  • Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child…”

Snow is soft, white, pliable, and beautiful. And yet, what makes snow more amazing is that every snow flake is unique. Like snow flakes, every finger print is
unique. Did you know that doctors have learned that even our brain patterns are unique! The way each of our brains communicate to the body is different for each person. God made you as a unique individual. And in Proverbs 22:6, God states that all good training is done on an individual level.

It is so easy to miss one simple, but important word in this verse that is crucial to
proper training. It is the word we have underlined at the beginning of this article: “a.” Look at the phrase again: “Train up a child….”

Training must be done on an individual basis. Often training is done to all of the children at large instead of on a personal basis. We must beware of this terrible mistake. The world as a whole does this all the time. Our public schools teach every student the exact same way. Doctors diagnose and treat every person as if they were the exact same body. People even refer to the genders of male and female as if they are all the same. “Every man does this.” “Every woman likes this.” But we aren’t all the same, are we? God made each of us as unique individuals who require training and love
on our level; the way we think, understand, and feel.

Because life is busy and sometimes hectic, parents often train their children like a herd of oxen. All of their children get the same type of loving, the same type of correction, the same type of reproving, the same type of teaching, and the same type of training. But each child is an individual. God specially made each of us different for His unique purpose, pleasure, and design. And as such, God deals with each of His children uniquely, differently, and individually. Parents, you must do the same. “Johnny” may need stronger spankings. “Susan” may need lighter spankings. John may require slower and simpler teaching. Susan may need a quicker pace. John may want you to wrestle or play alongside him with his cars or dinosaurs. Susan may want the same, but she might be different. Susan might want your cuddles and attention as she talks to you. John may need your direct hands on a project before he can grasp what is required of him. Susan may simply need careful wording. John may need repeated training; Susan may only need one lesson or example.

You see, each child is an individual, and as such, each child needs individual training and instruction. Parent, are you training “a” child?