“A Mother's Love”

  • Titus 2:4 “That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children,”

Sometimes when someone doesn’t possess good looks or makes a ridiculous face, you will hear someone say, “That’s a face only a mother could love.” When a child scuffs their knee, is bleeding, or otherwise in trouble, we often think of them as running to their mother. When it comes to mothers, we closely associate our view of “love” and compassion with them. 

It is commonly believed that a mother instinctively knows how to love their children and how to care for their children. This is called, “a mother’s love.” Although this may be partially true, this “instinct” is tainted. Every mother is still a sinner, and as such, your “love” and knowledge of children is corrupted. This fallen “love” is the reason why most children are raised incorrectly. 

Here in Titus 2:4, the older godly women are to “teach the young women” to “love their children.” This means then that true love is not instinctive in sinful man. Perfect love is learned. God’s love must be taught. 

You see, I John 4:8 reveals, “God is love.” If God is love, the only way to obtain true love is from God. “A mother’s love” is only pure and wholesome when it is coupled with “God’s love.” Through salvation in Jesus Christ, every mother can possess God’s love, but this love will only come from God. God’s love does not come from ourselves. Even Galatians 5:22 mentions “love” as a fruit or by-product of the Spirit, not ourselves and our flesh. 

If you want “a mother’s love”, you must seek out godly older women who have raised another generation of solid, zealous Christians. You need to read, study, and memorize God’s verses on how to love as He loves. You need to faithfully attend your church, listen to the messages, and get counsel from your shepherd if you have any questions. 

Do not rely upon your fallen “instincts” anymore to love your children. Rely upon your Heavenly Father Who always knows how to love His children perfectly. “The Father’s love” is far better than “a mother’s love.” Learn from the Best and glean from the source!