Divorce: Not The Answer

Matthew 19:10 “His disciples say unto him, ‘If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry.’”

As a teen, I ran long distance track. My first race, though, was a disaster! I attempted to run the 1600 meter without much preparation or practice. As the gun went off, I bolted out of the gate. But halfway through the second lap, I collapsed and never finished the race. 

Many people treat marriage like a fast lap instead of a long distance marathon. And since most young people enter marriage without proper preparation, most marriages end in failure. Here in Mt. 19:10, we see the disciples’ answer to Jesus’ previous comments. Jesus had been closing the door on man’s acceptance of divorce. Divorce has always been the easy way out. Divorce is like my collapsing on the second lap of my 1600 meter race. Divorce is ugly, and it wins no prizes. Divorce is not the answer. Actually, divorce never addresses the problems that led to the divorce. If you cannot fix the issues in your marriage correctly, those same issues will always rear their ugly head throughout your life and in every relationship you build. 

The disciples realized how strong Jesus’ position was on divorce and remarriage. Most educated believers today don’t seem to grasp what those simple fisherman did. Many believers are still trying to find excuses for divorce like the Pharisees Jesus was addressing. But the disciples knew. Their answer was similar to what many think today. Quit. The disciples even questioned if it was good to marry in the first place! However, Proverbs 18:22 declares, “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.” Marriage is a good thing that God favors. However, you must address the problems that arise in your marriage. If your spouse is doing something illegal like abuse, you must report that. If you need to temporarily separate yourself physically from your spouse, then do so. However, never run away from the problems that are between your spouse and yourself. Never. 

The next race I ran, I was prepared. I had practiced my breathing. I regularly ran long distances. I was ready. When the gun went off this time, I paced myself and won first place! Your marriage can be fixed. You can win first prize for your marriage. But divorce is not the answer