Media Hypocrisy

  • Matthew 15:7 “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying,” 

The word “hypocrites” (plural) is used a total of 20 times in the Bible. Every time in the New Testament it is used (17 x’s), “hypocrites” is used by Jesus to scold the religious (mostly the religious leaders). As leaders (of the home or church), we have an important and sacred duty to be consistent in doctrine and practice. However, we are tempted not to be and thus open ourselves to hypocrisy. 

One of the biggest hypocritical practices in Christianity concerns media (movies, TV, music, books, etc…). Christians will allow scores of filth (cussing, rock ‘n roll, jazz, immorality, immodesty, alcohol, false religious teachings and practices, witchcraft, etc…) just because it is media. Although that would be bad enough, the hypocrisy comes because we wouldn’t allow that same stuff to be up on the platform of our church, or represented behind our pulpits, or even allowed through the front doors of our home. I know because for all the years I have been an evangelist I have had to leap over innumerable hurdles to just minister in a few churches or enter a few homes. I am not bitter. Please follow where I’m going. My dress and my family and my music and my doctrine and my life have been scrutinized, and still most churches remain closed to us. By the grace of God, I have been found moral and consistent in my practice and teaching of biblical and historical Christianity and yet my ministry still can barely get into your average fundamental, Baptist church. And yet, CCM music and Southern Gospel music and Hollywood movies are freely allowed in these same churches. Neoevangelical preachers’ sermons are listened to on our radios and their books are carried on our shelves and their messages are even preached by our preachers, but true independent, fundamental, Baptist preachers like myself can barely get through the door of the average independent, fundamental, Baptist home or church. This, dear reader, is hypocrisy. It is hard to swallow and accept (Imagine how the religious felt when Jesus had to lovingly scold them in front of everybody!), but it is true. Most believers will not buy the books and music of godly, faithful, independent, fundamental, Baptists, but we will spend thousands in our lifetime on filthy media. That is hypocrisy. We will proclaim how bad Hollywood is while spending our money on Hollywood’s movies and barely giving a cent to world evangelism. That is hypocrisy. 

Obviously I could keep going, but I trust you get the point. These must change in our homes and churches, dear friend. Media hypocrisy needs to go!