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You recently visited our church in ______ and I was blessed by the message as well as your family. I admire your wife and the way she handles the children. I have been reading your pages under parenting. I myself am having some struggles with my three year old and could use some advice on discipline. She is head strong and stubborn. Nothing seems to phase her. If this is something you could help with I would be grateful. You can contact me via email.

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Thank you for your desire to please God with the raising of your little ones! That’s where it starts. 🙂

A few thoughts-

God said of Abraham Gen 18:19 “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD….” – You must own complete responsibility for your child’s behavior and development. (ArticleYou Are in Charge!) The beautiful thing about it is that if your child’s behavior is completely your responsibility, then you can absolutely change things. (Article SeriesProverbs 22:6)

Also, consistency is so important. If she gets away with it once, she’ll try it again. That means total supervision to catch every disobedience. It also means you follow up whether you’re fresh or tired, whether you’re free or in the middle of something else, whether it’s in private or public. (Exercise reasonable discretion by heading to a family bathroom or your own vehicle or some other private spot to handle matters.) You can’t expect her to have the character to obey every time if you don’t through Christ. (Article SeriesGrace Notes) Exercise the character to enforce obedience every time.

Also, all discipline is preceded by training. Have you ever walked her through the steps of obedience that you’re asking her to perform? (ArticleHow To Obey)

Too, realize that EVERY child is a born sinner. Your situation is not unique, and your child will respond positively to you following God’s instructions. God’s Word holds true for every person in every situation at every time period. However, current psychology or child rearing fads do not have the answers. Trust God’s Word solely and completely. Faith is the victory. I Jn. 5:4

We also do add articles to the website from time to time so feel free to check back now and again for any additions to the various sections.

With that being said, someone who is there and can see your situation will be better able to help you. I strongly encourage you to seek counsel from [your Pastor]. Although limited in what they can do with their current situation, they closely followed God’s Word with their own children. They can guide you more effectively one-on-one than we can.

In Christ,

Evangelist and Mrs. Ron Alberico


Thank you so much Amy. I appreciate your quick response. I will be trying some new ways of teaching her how to obey.